Time Capsule

  • Sunnyside Beach

    Toronto Harbour CommissionThe Toronto Harbour Commission was established in 1911 in the interest of regulating, developing, and expanding Toronto’s waterfront. It spent a decade laying the groundwork for Sunnyside Amusement Park, which opened to the public on June 28th, 1922.

  • Peace is Here

    Credit: Library and Archives Canada, 1984-92-141. https://recherche-collection-search.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng/home/record?app=fonandcol&IdNumber=3839577 Rochdale CollegeRead all about me: https://torontojournal.com/issue3-rochdale/

  • Jalna Chapter 1: The Rake’s Progress

    WAKEFIELD WHITEOAK ran on and on, faster and faster, till he could run no farther. He did not know why he had suddenly increased his speed. He did not even know why he ran. When, out of breath, he threw himself face down on the new spring sod of the meadow, he completely forgot that…

  • The Gerrard Street Mystery

    with an introduction by Bridget Fairfax. It is a well-known fact that Torontonians through the decades have shared a common unfavourable trait – they have always discarded their history. Take Fort York, which arguably marks the beginning of the metropolis we know today. It had to ward off no less than three destructive attempts: 1)…